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"The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the upright man running into it is safe."

/Proverbs 18,10/

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“The Sermon on the Mount

When he saw the crowds he went up the hill.

There he took his seat, and when his disciples

had gathered round him he began to address them."


“You must remember all that road by which the Lord your God has led you…”

Deuteronomy 8:2


Concise History of the Kecskemét Calvinist Parish


Calvin’s doctrines spread nationwide in the mid-1500s.

1564     Agreement between Catholic believers and Lutheran Christians on mutually using a church building in Kecskemét (today the Franciscan temple in the high street)

1567     Formation of the reformed church on the basis of the Heidelberg Catechism

1568     Kecskemét believers had a Calvinist wooden temple and an ecclesiastical school built. That temple served the whole Kecskemét reformed congregation for 110 years.

1668     Establishing the first Presbytery of seven, two ministers for the congregation

1671     Prince György Rákóczi I donated a church bell

1678     The wooden temple and the vicarage burned up in fire.

1680     New church on the former site – construction start

1683     New church – construction end, that building can now be seen in the high street.

1684     New church – operation start, furniture installation

1701     Parish library foundation

1741     Establishing a library room


1790     Alterations to the church – walls and tower lengthened by 3 fathoms, a baroque gilt pulpit

1810     Placing a Communion table in the temple

1822     Further alterations to the church – wooden roof shingle replaced with a tiled roof

1830     The Old College building – construction start

1831     Parish College – operation start

1859     The temple seriously damaged by storm – renovation

1860     New vicarage overlooking the temple

1890     Organ in the church, installed by József Angster

1908     Parish library & reading room – operation start, open to public

1911     The temple seriously damaged by earthquake – renovation, alterations to the organ

1912     The New College building – construction end, library relocated to the New College

1918     Teacher-training college – operation start

1924     All-girl lyceum – foundation, later operated as a grammar school until nationalization

1931     The Teacher-Training College building – construction end, operated until nationalization

1948     Nationalization – the communist regime dispossessed the parish of all its property and operations

1983     Ráday Museum – operation start in Kecskemét

1986     Emmaus Mission House, the congregation’s new holiday resort – ribbon cutting ceremony, secret consecration

1990     The Presbytery decided the parish to restart all the ecclesiastical operations, such as Kecskemét Calvinist College, including an elementary school, a grammar school, a boarding school and a boarding house.

1991     After the changing of regime the parish reclaimed all its property and restarted all the operations.

Our educational operations were restarted by means of Dutch believers and our devoted congregation.

The Old College building – repossession

Grammar School, Boarding School, Boarding House – operation start

1993     New Boarding School building – ribbon cutting ceremony

Emmaus Mission House – expansion with new wings (canteen, table tennis room)

1994     Elementary School – operation start

1995     Hotel Palma, the congregation’s new hotel – construction start

1996     Hotel Palma** – initiation, consecration

1997     The New College building – repossession

1998     Sion Pensioners House & Care Centre, old people’s home for the congregation – foundation

2000     Alterations to the church organ

2002     The New College building – expansion with a new school wing, initiation

Emmaus Mission House – expansion with new wings (dining hall, kitchen, conference room)

Sion Pensioners House & Care Centre – new site in Szarvas street

2004     The New College building – expansion with a new sports wing (500 m2 gym, 25x10 m swimming pool with dressing rooms)

Sion Pensioners House & Care Centre – new site in Fráter street

2005     Sion Pensioners House & Care Centre – new site in Őz street

Our Churches

1.      Kecskemét Calvinist Church H-6000 Kecskemét Szabadság tér

2.      Kecskemét –Katonatelep Church H-6000 Kecskemét Bernáth János u. 6.

Our Tabernacles

1.      Voelker Tabernacle H-6000 Kecskemét Fenyves u. 4.

2.      Széchenyiváros Tabernacle H-6000 Kecskemét

Registered Parish Members (2010):                  1716

Our Communities

Traditionalists Circle at Sion

Needlework Circle at Sion

Hungarian Blue Cross Association – Kecskemét Group

“Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.”

Psalms 9:1